How to remove “/blog” from your WordPress Multisite URL (Permalink) ?


For some reason if you don’t want to have the default “/blog” in your wordpress multisite url, it is easy to do so. For example to remove “/blog” from [textmarker color=”CCCCCC”][/textmarker]/ to [textmarker color=”CCCCCC”][/textmarker], you have to follow the below 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Select the permalink setting which you like from your wordpress admin panel > Setting > Permalink, do not worry for “/blog” in this step, that will be removed in the next step.[textmarker color="CCCCCC"]/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/[/textmarker]>


Step 2: Go to phpmyadmin > select your database > wp_option > permalink_structure, remove the “/blog” from the option_value. Done, that’s all you need to do. It may take sometime to reflect depending on your database size, just wait for sometime and refresh your site and see the new link by clicking any of the post link.


  1. It is the correct answer I found after 4 hrs of midnight search for the killing problem..!
    Thank you very much for the simple & working suggestions.
    Other forums & people were giving me head breaking options, nonsense.

    Team C4A.


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