Replica of ATSUM should call off economic blockade:TSA


<![CDATA[IMPHAL, February 15: The Thadou Students` Association General HQs feels pertinent to give out a press communique to the press fraternity to dispel apprehension and confusion arising out of the threat of launching economic blockade by a splitters group under the leadership of Emboi Serto in the name of ATSUM. Basically, the principle constituent units of ATSUM Viz. the Zeliangrong Students` Union Manipur based in Tamenglong district. The Tangkhul Katamnao Shaklong with its HQs at Ukhrul District and Churachandpur District Students` Union a conglomeration of many sub- tribes and ethnic-groups are vehemently opposing the proposed economic blockade on the ground that the matter is question in a replica of what has already been discussed and placed before the GoM during the course of the official discussion on November 25, 2014 and the understanding reached between ATSUM and GoM in respect of the charter of demands are being initiated every now and then as a follow up programmed to escalate the process for implementation before the stipulated time i.e. 6 months with effect fromtnbsp; November 25, 2013.

It is very utfortunate and disgusting to read the news item in a big bold letters it the front page under the caption Govt. ATSUM set to talk too1" without confirming as to whether the splitter group and official invited for the talks or not? If not is it the modus operandi of the print media The Sangai Daily to attract news readers for a hot cake sale in the local market? It is for all `the press fraternity according to the nature and gravity of the socio-political scenario, for itstance, the press, hand out of the federating units Viz. the CDSU, ZSUM, TKS and others subordinates organization agaitst the proposed economic blockade have been belittled and lopsided to serve the purpose of the ulterior motives of the un-mandated splitter group of Senapati district who are working hand and glove with few Ministers trying to mislead the Tribal Peoples of Manipur.

It is worth mentioned that the panic buying petrol and diesel and rise of inflation for certait commodities it the market is the handy `work `of the splitter group to make fast money it collaboration with the dealers it the market, while vehemently opposing launching of economic by one life line district of Manipur, other hill based districts will ensure free passage at NH-1S0 Jessami road and NH-37 Jiribam road to testify the calibre of the Tribal organizations and will not support their agitation it around Chandel district, Sadar Hills, Churachandpur and Jiribam areas.

It is indeed, disgusting threat the splitter group is posing a-threattnbsp;tnbsp; be people .especially class X and XII Students during Examination days. If they claim to be one of the students’ organizations, every possible measure should be taket to improve the quantity of Education, imposing economic blockade and its subsequent outcome will certaitly create psychologically imbalance and trauma amongst the students. As such, the agitating group – a replica of ATSUM should call off or else withdrawal of support from the people and condemnation agaitst the blockade will do more harm that good.



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