State BJP in crisis over LS candidature


<![CDATA[Mahila Morcha members storm party office, accuse party president of favouritism

IMPHAL, February 19: Barely ten days after the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi addressed a mammoth election rally in the state capital, the state BJP office came under a seize from its own women’s wing today.

Members of the BJP Mahila Morcha, Manipur today stormed the party office at Nityaipat Chuthek, demanding resignation of the party president charging him of favouritism in the selection process of candidate for the inner parliamentary constituency for the upcoming 16th Lok Sabha Election.

Meanwhile, state president Thounoujam Chaoba, on the other hand negated the charges during a separate press conference today.

A group of womenfolk while shouting demands to save the Manipur BJP, replacing the state president and that, illiterate persons should not be made leaders of the party, stormed the office this afternoon.

Speaking to media persons on the sideline of the protest, the Mahila Morcha members asserted that there are four individuals seeking candidature of the party in the forthcoming Lok Sabha election for the inner constituency.

A protestor said all four have filed their nominations, however, the president has submitted the nomination documents of only one to the central leadership, while neglecting the three others.

Terming it as “really unfortunate”, the protestors identified the candidate as RK Ranjan.

They identified the four seeking candidature as RK Rajendra, Oinam Indira, Joyraj and RK Ranjan.

The attitude of the state party president amounts to playing divide and rule policy inside the party, they lamented.

This will only lower the self-esteem among the party workers, they continued.

They further clamoured for the president’s resignation at the earliest to avoid anymore favouritism within the party.

Continuing with their strong disapproval of the alleged tactics of the state president, they further alleged that the mammoth crowd witnessed during the recent election rally of prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi were mostly supporters of Oinam Indira, however, Chaoba had wrongly informed the BJP national president RK Ranjan that they were supporters of RK Ranjan.

While declaring their support for the only woman in fray for the party ticket, Oinam Indira, they further threatened to offer mass resignation from the party in case the party fail to give the ticket to her.



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