State team attends Krishi Basant fair


By Bimol Okram

NAGPUR, February 9: The Krishi Basant 2014, the biggest farmers fair the country has witnessed since Independence was inaugurated today at Central Cotton Research Institute, Nagpur in Maharashtra.

President of India, Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the festival, which was jointly organised by the Confederation of Indian Industries and government of Maharashtra.

During the inauguration, President Pranab Mukherjee said that in the field of agriculture, India is advancing towards a new horizon which will help India become a leading country in agricultural export.

He further added that the country is advancing towards a second green revolution.

State Agriculture minister, Md Abdul Nasir and deputy director of Agriculture department, government of Manipur along with 220 farmers from the hills and valley of the state are also participating in the farmers’ Krishi festival.

More than two lakh farmers from across the country are attending the festival.

After looking at the displays of the fair, the state Agriculture minister, Abdul Nasir interacted with a select team of media persons that is accompanying the state farmers’ team.

He said the Manipur government is trying to expose the state farmers to new farming technologies so that they could be part of the national movement for food security.

He added that the fair will provide a momentum for the farmers’ of the state.

The exposure will also motivate the state farmers towards production oriented agriculture, he asserted.

India is participating in the global race for development, he said before adding that he will consult the Ministry of Agriculture, government of India to avail the new farming technologies to the farmers of Manipur in subsidised rates.

He also expressed his displeasure for not having the opportunity to interact with the farmers of the state as he will have to attend the prize distribution of Krishi Karman Award 2014 at Rastrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, along with state chief minister O Ibobi Singh.

The Union Agriculture Minister Sharat Power, Governor of Maharashtra Shanker Narayan, chief minister of Maharashtra Prithiviraj Chouhan attended the inaugural function.

Cultural items of the participating states including of Manipur are showed during the fair.

Achievements of 94 farmers including four farmers from Manipur are also displayed during the festival.

On the other hand, district administrations of the state have webcast at every district headquarters to witness the festival by the farmers of the state who unluckily missed festival at Nagpur.


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