Stop the Increasing Racial Attacks to the Students of North East: SMSU



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Ref. – No8/smsu/d14                                                                                                                                          Date: 12/02/14


Please Immediately Release


Honorable Shri O. Ibobi Singh,

Chief Minister,

Government of  Manipur.


Subject:                 Immediate Steps to stop the increasing Racial Attacks to the Student of North East and Enactment of an Anti Racial Discrimination Law.

Dear Hon’ able,

The Shillong Manipur Students’ Union, Shillong would like to draw your immediate attention to the ongoing  Racial Attacks in the recent times in Delhi. Some of the recent reported attacks are:

  1. The murder of Shri. Nido Taniam by racial mob in Delhi;
  2. The molestation and assault of Manipur women in Delhi;
  3. The rape of a Manipuri minor girls in Delhi;
  4. The assaults to two Manipuri boys ;
  5. The stabbing of one Manipuri boys;

It is now established beyond doubt that the discrimination to the students from North East has been growing in India’s major cities particularly in Delhi. In many instances, students from NE were singled out as different and inferior from the rest of India. Frequent harassment to the people of NE by local landlords, neighbors, shopkeepers, taxi drivers, autorickshaw drivers, officials and law enforcing agencies became a norm. An unofficial racial profiling of the NE students is going on in Delhi.  Both the institutions and law enforcing agencies particularly Delhi Police have been trying to cover up the cases.

It is important for both the State and the Central Government to note that such racial discrimination towards the people of North East by the people of the mainland India can only continue at the cost of grave consequences.

We therefore request you to kindly intervene the Central and the Delhi Governments to take immediate steps:

  1. For Justice to the victims and their family members,
  2. To stop the ongoing racial profiling and discriminations against the people of North East,
  3. To enact an Anti Racial Discrimination Act.


Yours sincerely,

General Secretary (SMSU)

Ngairangbam Appollo Meetei



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