Woman found dead mysteriously


IMPHAL, February 6: The death of a housewife, who was found under mysterious circumstances, has sparked controversy in Thoubal Matak Leikai this morning.

The deceased lady has been identified as Sapam Ningol Takhellambam (O) Benita aliasAbemma (18) wife of T Akash alias  Nanao (19) of Thoubal Mathak Leikai.

Implicating the involvement of the deceased husband the enraged local ransacked properties of Akash’s (husband) house.

Sources said that Benita (deceased) was found hanging from a bamboo  stalk near the Thoubal river bank at Thoubal Mathak leikai in suspicious manner, this morning around 6 am which is only around 100 meters away from his husband’s residence.

Police suspected that the deceased might have been stabbed before she was hanged as cut mark inflicted of sharp object was found on her stomach.

As per preliminary investigation conducted by forensic experts, blood stains along the road which leads to Benita’s residence which is around 500 meters from her in-law’s house was found, ruling out possibilities of suicide.

Police also reportedly found left over liquors and used plates.

Speculations are doing the round that the deceased might have been stabbed with a knife and she did try to escape.


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