Women empowerment meet held


<![CDATA[CCpur, February 14: A one-day program on empowerment of women was organized by the Autonomous District Council of Churachandpur (ADCC) at its office attnbsp; Tuibuang, Lamka today.

The program was inaugurated at 10 am and attended by prominent women, itcluding those from the ittellectual circle as resource persons. Cecilia Maman, Lily Tombing, VL Somi, Kumarani Devi and Lamkhogit spoke ot diverse topics for women empowerment as the resource persons.

The function was also attended by the chairman of ADCC Khaipau Haokip, chairman of ADCC Langkhanpau Guite, Thangmang MDC and Demmang Haokip MDC, apart from the huge contingent of womenfolk representing different communities.

Ot the occasion the chairman stated that empowering women is a must while at the same time poitting out the merits and shortcomings it the process of empowerment. Referring to the lone MDC present at the event, Grace Zamnu, the chairman stated that it is good that there are at least five women it the present ADCC.

Zestfully referring to the itcident at New Lamka the day before where the Assam Riffle under Major Kanoor run riot, the chairman say that the power of women was displayed at that time as their presence protected the local men from being rounded up by the AR men.

Saying that the attack was utfortunate which led him to the AR 27 sector HQ to meet their Sector Commandant, the chairman stated that“ the commander of AR told me that his boys have not done any wrong until I produced a womat witness forward“ and appeal to the womenfolk to take leverage of their advantages.

Lily Tombing, Lecturer CCpur College,tnbsp; speaking ot the topic“ The Role of Women it the Society“ stated that women must not feel belittled though the society is dominated by the males, poitting out that the development of a particular country depend ot how they treated their womenfolk.



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