Women protest bombthreat


IMPHAL February 4:  A sit-in-protest was staged by the womenfolk of Tera Lukram Leirak against the bomb threat at the residence of Superintendent Engineer Salam Rupkumar of the Manipur Development Society.

Briefing the media during the protest, organised by the Lukram Leirak Apunba Meira Paibi Lup in the leikai’s community hall, a woman protester said: “The Chinese hand grenade was found by the family members lying near a temple located inside the residential complex of Sapam Rupkumar around 7.40 am after which they informed the police. Soon after, a police team along with some bomb experts arrived at the spot and safely picked up the bomb.”

Condemning the bomb attack in a crowded residential area and appealing not to carry out similar bomb attacks, she asked those behind the attack to come forward and clarify the reason.

“We are fed up of such attacks as the bomb attack is second of it kinds in our locality. A bomb had exploded at the residence of AO Soibam Ranjit on February 2 around 8 pm.”

SE Rupkumar told the media that he did not receive any threat or monetary demand from any underground outfits and suspect the bomb threat to be the handiwork of someone from his own department.

A similar bomb threat at his residence was carried out last year.

Meanwhile, the bomb was safely detonated by a team of state bomb experts on Tuesday around 10 am at the Langol solid waste dumping site.

In another incident, a hand grenade was found lying in front of the shops located inside Majorkhul about 100 meters away from the Majorkhul southern gate around 6.30 am.  The bomb was safely picked up by the state bomb experts around 7 am.   


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