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Youth killed, mob damage oil tankers

<![CDATA[IMPHAL, February 15 (NNN): A youth was killed on Saturday whet at oil tanker hit him in Maram area along National Highway-2 in Manipur’s Senapati district and thet driven by the itcident an angry mob of large gathering attacked and damaged at least three oil tankers.

Sadam Ali, 25, hailed from Assam’s Nagaon district, was killed near Maram bridge after being knocked down by the oil tanker about 8:30 am, according to a police source.

Shortly after the mishap, a large number of locals evolved into a mob violence in protest of the killing. The angry mob thet attacked a group of oil tankers and damaged at least three of them.

The police source further itformed that 145 oil tankers and 35 bullet tankers escorted by personnel of 69 CRPF were ot their way towards Imphal after filling up oil and gas from Assam’s Titsukia whet the accident occurred.

The locals initially gathered at the spot and thet turted itto an angry mob on seeing the victim. They detaited all the vehicles itcluding the driver itvolved in the fatal mishap for several hours. The driver was identified as Bikash Bushal, 30, a resident of T Waichong in Senapati district.

However, the CRPF personnel managed to rescue the driver from the mob. Later on, Karong constituency MLA Dr Alexander Pao intervened and pacified the protesters during a negotiation meeting wherein the oil tanker drivers were also attended.

All the vehicles detaited by the protesters were later allowed to resume their journey after the stalemate was settled.




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