AMBA demands filling up of vacant judges` posts


IMPHAL, March 2: The All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA) has demanded the authorities concern to appoint required posts of judges lying vacant in the Manipur High Court including the appointment of a regular Chief Justice before its first anniversary which falls on March 23.

Speaking to media persons in a press meet conducted at his residence, AMBA’s president, Advocate Khaidem Mani, said that after a prolonged struggle Manipur’s dream to have a high court of its own was fulfilled on March 23, 2013, giving a glimmer of hope for many who have been longing for justice.

Unfortunately the court could not live up to the the people’s expectations in delivering justice  due to lack of judges. Despite the fact, that the High Court of Manipur closing on  its first anniversary it did not have a regular Chief Justice but only Puisne Justice of the High Court of Manipur, he said.

The AMBA had apprised the authority concerned several times but the authority remained indifferent to their demands, he said adding that it is a clear indication of step motherly treatment.

He pointed out that with the High Court of Manipur having only one division bench, the law practitioner are facing various kind of problems in solving cases. Moreover, individuals seeking justice are also deprived of the opportunity to transfer a case to a larger bench when a petitioner felt that the judgement of the only bench is unsatisfied, further continued Khaidem Mani.

AMBA president clarified that the actual demands made to the concerned authorities was to provide five judges. So far only two have been provided, he said.

Stating that the minimum requirement is four judges, upgrading the infrastructure for the sub-ordinate courts was also amongst their demand, asserted Khaidem Mani.    

According to him the CJM courts of Thoubal, Bishnupur and Senapati are also facing lots of inconveniences due to shortage of staffs thereby hampering speedy justice, Khaidem Mani asserted.

Meanwhile, opining that Manipur is corruption infested, Khaidem Mani stated that the practice of corruption gradually graining its ground more firmly despite clamour against corruption.

He highlighted that recently five lady sub-inspectors were terminated for using forged sports certificates, likewise the legal action can be taken up against those who are responsible for conducting the DPC.   

Similarly, there are widespread cases of corruption while appointing jobs, but they come to the limelight only when a case is filed against them, explained Mani especially by those who failed to get through such appointments.

The AMBA president appealed the Government to atlaest appointment two judges of High Court of Manipur from among the bar member and benches member before its first anniversary which falls on March 23, 2014 adding that it is all set to provide require documents if required.


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