BJP candidate RK Ranjan intensifies campaign


IMPHAL, March 26: “In a democratic country, the ruler is elected by people but a King is born from a mother’s womb. Our country is a democracy not a kingdom,” said Dr RK Ranjan, the BJP candidate of inner Manipur parliamentary constituency on Wednesday.

In a public meeting held at the tri-junction of Imphal East district of Kshetrigao, Yaiskul and Wangkhei at Nongmeibung Ayangpalli Chakpram Leirak organised by the United Political Forum, Imphal East attended by president of MPP N Sovakiran, president of BJP Th Chaoba and other BJP and MPP leaders.

He said that MPP is a political party which sacrifice and contribute their works only for the people of Manipur. It is fortunate for us that we get the support from such political party which stands for territory integrity, state boundary issue when Manipur in danger.

He lamented what the ruling government party did for the cause of Manipuri people after India got its independent. In this information and technology era, people of India knew easily the shenanigans of Congress.

Till date, no one from Imphal East has been sent to Parliament in the history of Manipur. But the BJP gave me the opportunity to highlight the plights of Manipur People in Parliament. BJP can change the corrupted system of Congress which looted poor people. The congress government need to be removed from governing the people.

He cautioned the people to cast their valuable votes prudently as they will face difficulties in life in the coming five years.

President of BJP Th Chaoba said 67 years have been completed since we got independent but till date we don’t know the real meaning of Independence in our state. The 50 years rule of the congress family in this democratic country is not democracy but dictatorship.

What is needed to live as an independent public or country are safe drinking water, proper power supply, proper road communication, proper education and health care facilities that all the BJP-ruled states has got. But unfortunately, we are ill-fated due to this congress government, he said.

We need to change this system with a new party in the state, he added.


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