BJP starts CCpur campaign with attack on Cong


LAMKA, March 15: Deputy CM of Goa Fransis D’Souza, today kicked off the first leg of BJP’s campaign in Churachandpur district, at the Rangkai community hall Lamka.

The campaign was also attended by BJP’s Outer Manipur parliament candidate prof Gangmumei Kamei and Manipur BJP chief, Th Chaoba.

Addressing the gathering D’Souza stated that he was not at the least concern by the not so full capacity at the gathering.

Clarifying the notion that “BJP as communal”, he said that being a catholic he has been in the party for more than 13 years which should put at rest the notion.

He claimed that despite huge sanction of funds over Rs.2000 crore in the state the people still complaints of insufficient water, no electricity, no proper road while adding that these are the results of the incompetency and miss-governance of the Congress.

Souza further quoting the president of India Pranab Mukherjee that “corruption is eroding the development in India” at that of the father of the nation “if you want a change you become the change’’, maintained that BJP will provide with the sustainable remedy to nation’s illness.

Stating that India is a rich country with poor people needing to change, he claimed that the BJP are ready to provide that change.

BJP’s candidate Prof Gangmumei, in his speech mentioned that with Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidates of BJP, the people are in the right path and appealed to vote for him and his party.

Our Ukhrul Correspondent adds: The message of `Give Change a Chance in Manipur` was what literally resounded through the jam-packed Ukhrul Town Hall during the One Day Political Conference organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) here on Friday.

On a brief Ukhrul leg of his journey, deputy chief minister of Goa, Francis D Souza could not help pouring out his emotions at the sight of woman folks walking around the town`s roads fetching water with pots and buckets in their hands. “I am very sad to see the people of Ukhrul suffering due to water problems like this. Surely the Congress government of Manipur is not giving even such basic needs to the people,” Souza, in his address as the chief guest, said in the town hall packed out with an attentive audience.

Describing his visit as a `mixture of happiness and sorrow,` Souza, who travelled all the way from the west coast of India to Manipur, further said that though he was happy to be here, he was at the same time very sad seeing the acute lack of development in all spheres of life in the state.

“I don’t see any development here” he said while adding that there is no electricity, no water, no communication, just no change at all.

Asserting that in more than 60 years of Congress rule both at the Centre and in Manipur, the party could not bring any positive change for the people, the Goa minister said and added that the Congress has undoubtedly failed and now the only alternative is the BJP.

He also lauded the state BJP for its endeavour to bring positive changes, while reposing faith in Prof Gangmumei Kamei, the party candidate for the ensuing Outer Manipur Parliamentary election. “He is the means to bring change for the people of Manipur” he said.

Meanwhile, Prof Gangmumei, speaking at the occasion, said that if BJP comes to power it would definitely bring good governance in the state.

Highlighting various targets, he said that given a chance his party would solve issues of border, economy and communal tension apart from developing horticulture, handloom, IT, herbal, education and many other developments in the hills.

Former MLA Dr Khashim Ruivah, state BJP secretary Ashwin Kumar, also spoke at the occasion, while Ex-MLA outer Manipur BJP Danny Shaiza toasted the vote of thanks.


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