Campaign will continue regardless of threat: NCP


IMPHAL, March 25: Nationalist Congress Party candidate from the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency of the upcoming 16th Lok Sabha Election has received threats from an underground group yesterday, said party state president L Ibomcha Singh.

The NCP leader was addressing a simple flag hoisting ceremony of the outer candidate with Left and Secular Alliance party leaders in attendance.

He said around 5.30pm yesterday, outer candidate C Doungel received a threat on his phone from an unknown number.

Inspite of the threat, the party will continue with the election campaign in the far flung areas of the hills and Jiribam, he assured.

He said the state’s representatives at the Parliament had failed to voice any concern for the state.

The MPs are only waiting for their Rs five crore of local area development fund per annum, they have done nothing, he lamented.

Such a scenario calls for a change of representatives with a clear motive, he said before pointing out to C Doungel.

Large political parties cannot raise state issues in the Parliament due to the party’s heavy load of issues, however a small party has fewer issues and as such can raise any issue if representing the state, he observed.

Further according to the state NCP president, on coming Monday, he will accompany the national party spokesperson from Maharashtra on a mass campaign in the seven assembly segments of the valley district including at Jiribam.

He further viewed that the party’s candidate will go neck to neck with the Congress candidate, and it will be easy for the party to win after receiving support from the Left and Secular Alliance, he observed.

He said the party will support Dr M Nara common candidate of the alliance in the inner constituency, and in return, the alliance will support the party’s candidate in the outer constituency.

In the last MP election, Nara’s prospect of winning was shattered by the booth capturing at two assembly constituencies, he said.

However, this time there is no change for the occurrence of any such incidents like booth capturing, he said before declaring that if the two candidates win, amicable solutions to all the state’s issues will be brought.

Only 15 days are left before the April 9 polls, and his prospect has been strengthened after gaining support from the alliance, said C Doungel.

The party is confident of getting atleast two lakh voters from the Hills district and with another 50/60 thousand more votes from the Left support, the party’s chances of winning is very much high, he observed.

He identified Churachandpur as his vote bank and said almost, 80 percent voters will come for him.

While Congress is a sinking ship in CCpur, BJP waves will have lost intensity by the time of the polls, he asserted.

Sadar Hills is another place which is total anti-Congress, he said.


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