CCpur celebrates 10th Chiru Deerkai Festival


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, March 21: The Chiru community celebrated the 10th Chiru Deerkai Festival 2014 at Cherroi Khullen Chiru Village, Churachandpur which is about 50 km from Lamka town.

The festival which literally means “Youth festival” commenced on March 15 and concluded on March 18, 2014.

The festival was organized by The Chiru Union,NEI  and is held once in every three years dating back to the 1960, with some interruption in between.

With politicians absent, the festival witnessed a kind of atmosphere where there were no political talks and the cultural activities taking center stage.

The festival themed “Old is gold” saw several colourful cultural displays of the tribe including the traditional elders festival ‘Phoiba Lia’, festival pertaining to the youth and traditional songs like ‘Chenthi Hlas.’

Many prominent persons from the state, district as well as from the Chiru community were supposed to attend the occasion, but due to the election code of conduct and other official engagements the majority of the dignitaries, particularly politicians, couldn’t attend the function.

The function was attended by vice president Zeliangrong Union Akhu Kamei as the chief guest.

Leaders from CTU, UNC, Kuki Innpii, AMUCO, CCLL, CU etc also failed to attend the program while representatives from Hmar Innpui Dr John Pulamte attended as the guest of honor.

The chief guest in his address said “The Chiru are a blessed tribe as they had produce a lot of leaders like pastors and officers.”

Dr.John Pulamte  of HmaR innpui  said “Be it the Kom, Chote, Chiru  etc are linguistically and culturally related to the Hmar dating back from 500 years  be it in the region of the Barrak Valley, Tripura and other places in the North  East.”

He said that if god willing, Hmar Innpuii is planning to organise this kind of grand festival next in the district.


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