CCpur DC, SP detail poll preparation


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, March 15: Concerned with the upcoming Lok Sabha election in the state Churachandpur deputy commissioner, PK Jha and superintendent of police Kabib K called separate press conferences at their respective office chambers today.

The two dwelt at length on the district’s preparedness for the upcoming election during their respective press meets.

SP Kabib K said that he will not slacken off on the security aspect of the district.

He further asserted that as the election dates have neared, all gun holders of the district need to submit their guns with the nearest police station from April 9 or their licence will be cancelled or terminated by the concerned district magistrate.

Any weapon found on any person which could be a security threat will also be confiscated, he said.

Further elaborating on the role of the media, he urged for co-operation and help to the law enforcers to bring awareness to the public on the issue.

He said the main focus of the police force at the moment is the smooth conduct of the election.

He asserted five police teams will be patrolling around the town as part of the security arrangement.

Meanwhile, DC PK Jha during his conference said that the basic formalities in the preparation of the upcoming election are all complete, and from now on any public meeting, rally will need prior approval of the administration.

The DC also said that for the smooth conduct of the election, a Joint Control Room will be set up in collaboration with the police, AR etc. and best effort will be given to cover the remotest areas in the district.

“Helicopter service will also be in use, if needed needed, and several teams will be set up including flying squads for the coming election to ensure free and fair conduct,” he said, and added that satellite phone will be used so as to cover all the 296 polling booths spread across the six assembly constituencies in the district which has identified approximately 50 booth as hyper-sensitive while the rest are declared sensitive.

He further briefed the media persons on the election code of conduct.

Elections Duty Certificates (EDC) will be issued to government officials who are rendering election duty out of their home’s poling boots, the DC  stated  while at the same time adding that the election will end by 6 pm but any voter who are in the queue will be given the right to cast their vote.

The DC also says that to ensure ‘ethical voting’ student will be deployed to help the first timers and ignorant voters so that the rule of law will be upheld and they may not be coaxed.

The DC also say that for a smooth election he will hold  had a press meets from time to time so as to bring awareness to the public.


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