CCpur district hospital clarifies on inadequate water supply


LAMKA, March 28: The Superintendent of the Churachandpur District Hospital today called a press conference declaring that steps have been initiated to meet the necessities in the hospital.

Dr Shyam Sunder said he had recently taken charge of the hospital and has been taking up steps to meet the requirement of the hospital

He said he and his staff have been working hard to ensure that there is adequate supply of water and electricity in the hospital.

Regarding the dedicated electric electric line for the district hospital Dr Shyam Sunder, the superintendent who took charge on March 11, 2014 said that the dept officials have promised that with the first available opportunity they will fix the electricity in the hospital.

Reacting to the complaints made by patient parties of the hospital publish in the IFP, he said he had personally met with the EE of PHED.

Hopefully the problem will be solved soon, he added.

On the power problem, he continued there has been a reported robbery of three solar batteries. Although the police have arrested the culprits, the batteries have been left unusable, he observed.

The hospital authorities are awaiting battery replacements which are to come from Kolkata for which money have been deposited already, he said.

Continuing with the conference, he said the organisation Center for Research on Environment Development, CRED engaged in cleaning the hospital due to the government apathy has to downsize its staff by more than half of its earlier strength of 27.

Liana, name changed, casual employee who has a family to look after said that they are not getting their Rs 3300 per month salary till now and were on the verge of being left out. On this issue, the secy CRED said that they are now ready to provide two months salaries.

He said the organisation will provide the remaining one month salary also.


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