CCpur hosts interaction with LS candidates


LAMKA, March 22: The Inside- North East and Young Men Christian Association, YMCA today organised a program “My Space, My Manifesto, Meet your Leaders” at the M Songgel Village Community Hall, Churachandpur.

During the program, the four Lamka based intending candidates for the Outer Parliamentary seat – C Doungel, Kim gante, Lien Gante and Thangso Baite were called for a free interaction with the general public.

However, of the three, sitting MP Thangso Baite citing election code of conduct failed to turn up for the event.

On the other hand, since the leaders arrived late, the interaction had to be limited on the question of the Article 371 C of the Indian Constitution for protecting the tribal.

JD (U) candidate, Lien Gangte while citing that the Act is not enough to protect the interest of the tribal, he said, if elected, he will see to it that the Act is bettered so as to ensure that autonomous bodies like the ADCs become more meaningful.

Kim Gangte, the lone woman candidate fighting for the seat with TMC said, the present government is incompetent to redress the problem and she will do what it takes to improve it if she is elected.

C Doungel of NCP said that there are two schools of thought in this aspect. One being that the people are not strong/ united enough and the other being need for a broader framework, he said.

He said that if elected, he will press for the sixth schedule, which will be more meaningful for the hills people.

Mementos cum wishes of the people were presented to the candidates. The INE and YMCA urged the candidates to do their best on the point of sixth schedule, Article 371 C, reservation for the tribal youth in the state Assembly, setting up of sports academy, better implementation of civil supply, etc.

The Art 371 c of the Indian Constitution says that “The Governor shall annually, or whenever so required by the President, make a report to the President regarding the administration of the Hill Areas in the State of Manipur and the executive power of the Union shall extend to the giving of directions to the State as to the administration of the said areas Explanation. In this article, the expression Hill Areas mean such areas as the President may, by order, declare to be Hill Areas.”

The second part of the program was called “blowing of trumpet” during which cultural dance forms were shown and was attended by many dignitaries including Prof Maran Ja Gun from Kachin, Myanmar.

KNO president PS Haokip made the exhortation speech of the function.

He thanked the professor from Kachin for coming this far to attend the function.

Further in his address, he explained the vision of the KNO.

He asserted, “The term Zo, should be used in place of Kuki, Mizo Chin etc as it has larger connotation and include all the Zomi/Zozuan or ZOSONS.”

Citing his meeting with the UPF at Dorca’s Hall on November 6, 2012, he said that he had proposed the name Zogam/Zoland for the proposed state of the Hills after the Kuki state materialises as it is the most appropriate for the Zo people.

PS Haokip also said that the ZORO with its headquarter at Aizawl, had taken note of the KNO’s proposal at the Dorcas Hall, which had set the stage for closer interaction and cooperation between the KNO and ZoRO.

He said that after that there was no looking back and ZORO had organised many functions in the Kuki heartland of CCpur/Manipur.


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