Central jail bids farewell to SSP Jail


IMPHAL, March 7: The Farewell party of DIG (R-1) & senior superintendent of Jails, IK Muivah and reception party of superintendent, B Goulianmang were organised on Friday at Manipur Central Jail.

New Superintendent, B Goulianmang of Manipur Central Jail, Imphal revealed at the party that originally he is from Churachandpur and had an experience of seven years as a teacher and eight years as a bank manager.

He expressed that there is a need of co-operation among the staff and he will work similarly like IK Muivah.

He also appealed to the jail inmates to be careful because now the jail is considered to be social reformation centre rather than a place to give punishment. He praised the precedent set by IK Muivah during his period.

Speaking at the farewell party, IK Muivah said that during his period the coordinate staff rendered co-operation and worked together prosperously enabling him to make some changes.

He lamented about the poor facilities and lack of development in the jail.

He appealed to all the staffs to perform their work properly not just for the namesake or from the fear of the higher officers and to co-operate properly to the new superintendent, B Goulianmang.

The Deputy Superintendent of Manipur Central Jail in Sajiwa said that during his period the jail inmates were introduced to gymming, music and vocational training inside the jail.

He continued that to earn their wages while staying at the jails, the jail inmates were introduced to making handicraft products. It was not only confined to the jail inmates but the staff for their own development and welfare.


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