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`Encourage protection of arable land`

IMPHAL, March 25: India’s economy is based on the productivity of agriculture but the people lack the mental attitude to save the agricultural land state which can boost its socio economic status.  

This was stated by chairperson, Oriental Women’s Labour Cooperative Society Limited, Jeena Potsangbam during the one day state level conference on Revitalization of PACS and Productivity of Agricultural Land of Manipur held at the Cooperative Management Cooperative Complex conference hall today.

Jeena Potshangbam observed that the situation is the same in Manipur where people often sell their agricultural land in time of financial shortage rather than protecting it.

Many fertile land have been used for commercial and other purposes like shops, institutes, houses etc, she said adding that such detrimental activities must be stopped at the earliest to secure ourselves of food.

He appealed to all farmers to use fertilizer at the minimum considering the health hazard it could inflict to the mass.

Potshangbam further appealed to the authority concerned to materialise the MoU signed between the state government and NARBARD to implement the Vaidnathan Committee 2004 formed in the year 2008.



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