Kim Gangte takes jibes at BJP, Congress


LAMKA, March 11: The BJP while creating hypes under its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will be no better than the present party in government at the centre as well as in the state, said Trinamool Congress candidate for Outer Manipur and former Lok Sabha MP Kim Gangte today taking a dig on the party.

She was addressing a press conference at Songgel village, CCPur.

“Following my ten years off the political limelight, and genuinely understanding the problems of the general public, I have now decided that it is time to come out and contest the election with the will and blessing of the public,” she said.

Now it is time for the people to initiate actions to redress their own grievances, she asserted.

Kim Gangte also expressed that she has sacrificed her life for the people, especially the poor and the downtrodden, which led her to relinquish her lucrative lecture post.

Asking for another chance, she appealed to the people for their mandate for a second tenure at the Parliament.

She lamented her first time was too short and added, “I had spoken on behalf of the tribal people and the minority Christians in the Parliament and need to do more as I had many unfinished work.”

On being questioned about her “unfinished work,” she said apart from several others, it was the AFSPA that is close to her heart and wanted to fight for its repeal.

She further equated the Act to “giving a licence to kill” while adding that the security forces can stay, the Act has to go.

Other “unfinished works” include provision of equal funds in the hills and the valley, as hill area covers approx 20365 sq/km whereas the valley covers only 2000 sq/km, she said.

She said she was once corrected by her friends during a tour of the hills when she had said, “the roads are bad.” They told her “There is no road at all,” she quoted.

She further said that development can come only through good communication and road.

She said her party’s symbol is a “grass” which could bloom only with the people’s support; and declared that BJP’s Lotus can never bloom.

The BJP had killed the Christian missionaries and burnt their churches, she alleged.

She continued that she had spoken on these issues before in the Parliament and with the then Home minister when the BJP was at the centre.

The BJP has a hidden agenda, she lamented.

Continuing with her tirades at the national parties, she said the “Congress government is the most corrupt and underperforming government although the party is in power at the centre, state and ADC in Manipur.

Questioning the presence of so many senior tribal politicians like Phungzathang, Ngamthang and other Naga ministers who have held the department of Tribal Development on what they had achieve for the tribal, she said the department is today a total “failure” and it is high time for the Congress to leave the reins of the government to the Trinamool Congress.

To buy out the people is what the Congress party does best, she said before declaring that since the money meant for the development of the people for five years are with the government, now that the five year is up, the people should ask for their money with interest for the five years.

“I am not a frog that makes noise only when it rains, but a seasonal worker for the people who have scarifies my life’’ Kim said and pleaded to the people to empower her and hand her their mandate so that she can speak for them at the Parliament as their representative.

“Give me a chance and I will bring change and reach out for the masses” she pleaded.


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