Muslim bodies demand minority welfare measures in election manifestoes


IMPHAL, March 13: The five Muslim organisations of the state have demanded to include three charters of demands in the election manifestos of political parties. Parties that don’t include their demand will not get any Meitei Pangal votes in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election.

This was stated by Abdullah Pathan, President Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation in a joint media briefing convened at the Manipur Press Club along with Pangal Student Organisation, United Manipur Muslim Development Organisation Manipur, All Manipur Muslim Women and Culture Organisation and All Manipur Muslim Development Organisation.

The demands are to give legal sanction through legislation for the effective implementation of the Prime Minister’s New 15-point programme in toto for the welfare of Minority. Necessary provisions should be made for establishment of a separate department for the welfare of Minority. The central government will be presurised to pass the three pending Bills in the first session of the parliament of the 16th Lok Sabha, which include sub clause of communal violence (prevention, control and rehabilitation of victim) Bill 2005, Misra Commission report/bill 2007, equal opportunity commission Bill 2008.


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