No party can come to power without a principal policy : Dr Nara


IMPHAL, March 30: A political party without any principal policy or development plan can’t be elected to power in the state or country. This was stated by CPI candidate Dr M Nara in a simple function of releasing the party manifesto on Sunday.

The common candidate of left and secular alliance Dr Nara said that the need of the hour is to bring a new change in India and our state by choosing an alternative government. Leaders of RSP, JD(S), BSP, Shiv Sena, CPI(M) etc were also present during the function.

The present ruling party, Congress, has no principal policy and in cahoots with the corporate sector looting the poor people creating welath for  the richest persons. CPI has a vision to save Manipur for welfare of the people. In our state, the Congress party has 42 MLAs but it is unfortunate that the MSCP MLAs are bought by them to their party because they are afraid to face me, said Nara.

The congress party doesn’t have a clear stand and keeps switching it every moment. Manipuri people are intelligent enough to decide on their own what kind of leader they need and want irrespective of any political party.CPI hopes for a new Manipur where immorality is done away with and the culture of maintaining principals in politics by political parties’ returns. If the present rule of this government continues the people of Manipur will face more grievances in the future. The Congress party’s policy is to maintain a highly centralised form of government that we need to change, he added, and assured that there will be an alternative government in future where no social injustice, exploitation of women, corruption, nepotism and favouritism will be entertained.

CPI state election committee chairperson N Mangi released the manifesto containing 27 points focusing on various state issues of Manipur. He welcomed those political parties supporting the left and secular alliance like NCP, SDPI etc.

He further said that the party manifesto is mainly focussed on the territorial integrity,  removal of AFSPA, 1958, saving Irom Sharmila in time, re-launching State Human Right Commission, equal development in hills and valley are the first priority in the manifesto.

Mentioning that the Congress government’s loud opposition to alternative arrangement in Hill districts which disturbs the Manipur territorial integrity and the promises in the valley to maintain the state’s territorial integrity, he said  it is making a total fool out of the people of Manipur.

He alleged that the present and then MPs of Manipur are only waiting and counting their 5 crore amount of local area development fund every year. We are blind if we miss the absence of any development being undertaken from their funds but if Nara is elected to power there will be transparency in any developmental work or any scheme.

The Congress government believes in neo-liberal economic policy. They are pro-rich and pro-corporate government.

The BJP party claims that they will come to power after the month of May in centre. They believe in Gujarat model that grab poor people’s lands and turn into factories of corporate businessmen and left poor people die from hunger. Such model is danger to poor people. There will be a third front government for ushering in a new India in future, Mangi asserted.


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