Schools flouting agreement with outfit: Manipur Maoist


IMPHAL, March 27: The Maoist Communist Party Manipur has alleged that most of the schools functioning in the state are openly violating an agreement brought with the outfit in the year 2011.

In a statement issued by the secretary, publicity and propaganda, Nonglen Meitei, revealed that ‘ceasing of religious related activities in schools’ was one of the key points agreed upon.

Elaborating on the terms it said that the outfit restricted building of religious monument of any communities whether hindu, Muslim or Christian besides asking to stop indulging in religious activities. However, most of the schools have violated the term, it said.

Pointing out that Chatholic run schools are the main defier, it cautioned that the misunderstanding could snowball into unwanted consequences.  

Another issue that was deliberated upon was to exempt tuition fees and other fees for students from poor economic background adding that the same has not been paid attention to, it said.

In an attempt to rectify the outfit visited several schools but two of the schools, Sisu Nisha Kiketan, Kwakeithel and Little Master Samurou, remained non-cooperative, it claimed.

It warned of strong initiative against the Catholic schools and the two particular school mentioned.

Meanwhile, it also informed that the outfit have appointed Keirenphaba Meitei as convener of its newly formed Finance Committee.


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