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Separate manifestos reveal BJP`s double standards: Gaikhangam

IMPHAL, March 30:The release of separate manifestos by the BJP reeks of a double standard policy with  the intention of befooling the people of Manipur.

This was alleged by Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee President Gaikhangam on Sunday.

In a public meeting convened at the residence of Jotin Waikhom, a former Congress candidate from Thangmeiband, Gaikhangam stated that the BJP directly supports the alternative arrangement issue in the outer parliamentary campaign while they are focusing on the state territorial integrity in the inner constituency.

Elaborating that giving support to the alternative arrangement of Nagas while canvassing in outer constituency tantamount to breaking the territorial integrity of Manipur and giving lip service to keeping the territorial integrity of the state intact while on inner seat campaign trail focussing on unity is actually maintaining a double standard to people of Manipur, he said that the existence of such a double standard is revealed in the release of separate manifestoes.

“The Congress is not only a political party but also means of social measurement till date. The party has existed for 127 years successfully and people support it for working actively towards progress. It was established in 1885 in India to save the country and fought the mighty British Empire to bring Independence. After freedom, the party worked as a political party for bringing development and welfare to people.”

Many development projects were taken up by the Congress which has brought up the country’s status on par with other well developed countries now. The same status with the other developed and civilized countries is due to activities of the Congress, he added.

He said many bills which even none of other developed countries have ever passed such as the anti-corruption bill is being passed by the congress party.

The Congress’ Inner seat candidate Dr Th Meiyna said that the state has various communities which have many grievances till date. Even our Imphal city can’t be considered as a city in comparison with other states’ cities. The progress in the development of the state is due to the UPA I and II. Till now, Congress is on the mood to upgrade development projects in the state with the help of people, he said.

The RTI, Lok Ayukta and Anti corruption Bills were passed for the convenience of people. Still, there are two-three bills prepared by the Congress which is pending in Parliament due to opposition by opposition parties.    

The Congress could have brought into law the 33% reservation of women to empower women in law making but the leaders of BJP were strongly opposed to it. In reality, the Congress party likes to give 50 % reservation and equal rights to men and women.

Meiyna further said that the only political party that can bring development and defend the country is the Congress.

The former Congress candidate from Thangmeiband A/C Jotin Waikhom said that he contested the last assembly elections in the assembly constituency but unfortunately got defeated. However, the contribution of people to the Congress was excellent. And in the last Lok Sabha election also, Thangmeiband contributed the maximum votes to the Congress party. He requested the people of Thangmeiband to provide more votes to the Congress party this time also.



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