Shops gutted by inferno at Tronglaobi


BISHNUPUR, March 9: An inferno has gutted three shops out of eleven in the night of Saturday at around 12:10 at Tronglaobi Awang Bazaar in Bishnupur district.

A source claimed Th Joy Singh a pharmacist lost Rs 5.5 lakh, M Sunanda a tailor lost Rs 50000 and K Sanatomba who runs a hotel lost Rs 80000.

Although the exact source of the fire could not be pointed till now, it is believed that it could have been ignited by an electric short circuit. Immediate relief services have rendered to the victims from donations from the club, Panchayat members, Zilla Parishad members and also from passerby along the street.

Zila Parishad member M Birchandra lauded the officials of Moirang Fire Service for their timely intervention which could control the fire thereby saving other shops.

However, he criticised the fire tender team for coming with less water supply.


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