SHWU pulls in behind KSO-SH demands


KANGPOKPI, March 14: Sadar Hills Women Union today announced its due concerned towards the demands of KSO Sadar Hills and called upon the state government to initiate satisfactory measures to fulfil the student body’s demands immediately in public interest. Speaking to local media persons today at Sapormeina, president Hills Women Union Aneng Sitlhou said that the union as mothers of the people of Sadar Hills feel the KSO-SH demands legitimate and acceptable.

The demands include posting adequate doctors at CHC Kangpokpi and reinstating the powers entitled to addl DC Kangpokpi as well as to rectify the term addl DC Kangpokpi to addl DC, Sadar Hills. She continued that people of Sadar Hills have been discriminated repeatedly in one way or the other by the O Ibobi Singh led government for the past many years and continuing till today.

“It is very unfortunate that this time the Manipur state government has discriminately rendered the lone CHC of Kangpokpi, Sadar Hills function with insufficient doctors which has drastically effected the people of Sadar Hills in health care,” added Aneng.

An internal investigation by SHWU noted the non-availability of adequate doctors at the CHC which directly indicates to the lack of commitment of the state government in health care system particularly in the hill districts of the state, continued Aneng while adding that increasing health burdens from chronic and emerging diseases have overwhelmed the capacity of the health system at CHC Kangpokpi which need immediate attention and commitment of the government.

Cancellation of powers entitled to addl DC Kangpokpi is also another indifferent attitude towards Sadar Hills by the state government noted SHWU president before adding that this unacceptable culture of the state government should be stopped immediately.

The union also think legitimate to rectify addl DC Kangpokpi as addl DC Sadar Hills which is one among various demands of the KSO Sadar Hills.

While drawing immediate attention and commitment of the state government to the demands, Sadar Hills Women Union said it will support and endorse any democratic agitation initiated by the student body in case of failure on the part of the government in bringing satisfactory solution towards the demands.


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