Surrendered militants demand arms for personal safeguard


IMPHAL, March 25: Armed outfits who have laid down their arms and signed the memorandum of Understanding with the government have deplored today that the government has failed to fulfil the commitments it had made to the outfits.

KYKL (MDF), URF and KCP (Lamphel group) had signed the MoU with both the state and central governments on February 13, 2013.

The second Joint Monitoring Group meeting was held today with representatives of the state, centre, Assam Rifles and para-military forces at the 1st Manipur Rifles Banquet Hall.

The representatives of the three outfits placed 11 points of their demand included in the MoU before the authorities for consideration, said finance secretary Peace Talk committee of the three outfits, Taibanganba who is also general secretary of KCP Lamphel.

He was addressing media persons at the Manipur press Club today.

The government representatives today during the meeting have assured to look into their demand for the provision of gun licenses after the election, said Taibanganba.

He said the cadres of the outfits after receiving life threats from CorCom since some time back, had demanded from the government provision of gun licences to the cadres during the first JMG meeting.

The appeal was reiterated today before the authorities, he said.

He said, the 11 points placed during the second JMG meeting today include withdrawal of all cases and charges levelled against them as was assured to them before their joining the mainstream.

Other points include, stopping harassment of their family members by security forces, he said and added “One year has passed since the MoU was signed, however the government has failed to provide a designated camp as was assured within six months of signing the MoU.”

Both the Northeast in charge jt secy Home, MHA Shambhu Singh and principal secretary Home, Manipur J Suresh babu have failed to take any action regarding the proposal for the establishment of an ideal village, he lamented.

Further according to Taibanganba, the points taken up today include the timely distribution of their stipend money of Rs 4000; distribution of the rehabilitation package of Rs 2.5 lakh for each cadre which has already been sanctioned; provision of vocational training to the MoU signatory cadres; inclusion of higher ranking officials in the talks and issue of Id cards to the cadres.

He lamented that while Id cards of other groups under SoO or peace talks are signed by high ranking officials, Id cards of MoU signatory cadres are signed only by the SP CID.

URF chairman Lalheiba is presently in the national capital to meet joint secretary Home to place the grievances of the cadres, he said. The outfits are also expecting positive outcomes from the meeting, he said.

Others who attended the press conference include Athouba president KYKL (MDF); Rohini home Ssecretary URF and Chingkheinganba finance secretary URF.


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