Three days Zeliangrong Folk Festival inaugurated


IMPHAL, March 21: The Ninth Zeliangrong Folk Festival, a three-day-long festival, was inaugurated on Friday at the Langthabal Khupum, Imphal West by Langthabal MLA Karam Shyam.

In the inauguration function of the festival, Langthabal MLA Karam Shyam, also the chief guest, said that the festival is to promote and develop the Zeliangrong folk culture. The promotion of cultural identities and tradition of a community is a sign of development and civilization.

The communities need to show their identity through culture and traditions. The Zeliangrong communities are playing a big role in the relation between hills and valleys in Manipur. The festival is to promote the cultural identities of various Zeliangrong communities.

The guest of honor of the inaugural function of the festival, Chamdalung Rongmei, the chairman of Zeliangrong Welfare Committee said that the Zeliangrong Folk Festival is to preserve the Zeliangrong culture and tradition. This is to identify our own identities with the combination of all traditional festival of Zeliangrong communities.

He said that the festival aimed to present different aspects of other communities with the signification of Zeliangrong communities. The festival is to represent the Zeliangrong people in the platform of the world heritage.


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