Will you understand this?


By Dr Vijita Ningombam

I am not tyrnig to cpoy smeonoe or I hvae not gnoe inanse tynipg tihs but tdoay I jsut wnated to psas dwon a msseage to poelpe beacsue I was srupisred I colud raed smeotinhg lkie tihs wihtuot a prbloem. I dno`t konw abuot thsoe poelpe who cnnaot raed tihs but for thsoe who can, rmeemebr yuor brian is srahp and you can mnaage to srot out any mses in yuor lfie lkie how you mnaage to raed tihs. Yuor brian has the cpaaicty to slove any porbelm you are fcaing so dno`t wrroy too mcuh abuot any mses. But my msseage tadoy is not tihs, acutllay I dno`t hvae a msseage but I hvae a qesutoin for you.

My question is, if you could manage to read the above paragraph, if you have that much of a comprehensive ability, if you can understand, if this messed up message touched you. Why is it hard to implement it in real life.

Why is it hard to read anything someone writes or talks in a good way? It is about your perception to things. It`s about your way of looking at things. For those who couldn`t read the above paragraph, I forgive you for misinterpreting anything but for those who could read it, you have the ability to see things in the best way. Why can`t you implement it in your daily lives? Listen to people again and comprehend it like you did in the paragraph above. Read what people have written and comprehend them, may be everyone has something good to say or write then.

Look at the world through your brain like how you did today, sometimes the eyes tell you what they see, but remember you don`t always have to see it that way, your brain also has some words of its own. Start listening to your brain!


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