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`Allegation of assault on Cong MLA`s cousin a lie`

IMPHAL, April 21: In retaliation to Congress allegation that Md Habibur Rahman had assaulted Wabagai AC MLA Fajur Rahim’s cousin Md Abdul Latib on April 19, his wife has rubbished the allegation.

Calling a press conference, Md Habibur Rahman’s wife Sek Hasina Shah has claimed that her husband was at home during the night of April 19.

She said Habibur was readying to go to bed when a cousin, Ekbal came asking for the key of his Bolero to take Md Abdul Latib to the hospital.

A few hours later a person called Tomba called saying that Ekbal has been picked-up by MLA Fajur Rahim’s escort from the hospital while Latib was being treated, she continued.

After Habibur discussed the issue with his father, he called back Tomba however, there were no answer. After sometime, Tomba’s phone was switch off, she said.

Even as there was confusion in the family over the incident, a group of people came and called out Habibur threatening that they have come to kill him.

Frightened by the commotion outside, the family members hid under the bed, she continued.

She further said that when she looked out the window, she cannot see anyone due to the darkness.

As the commotion outside got bigger, Habibur also looked out, she said and added that he was hit with a stone on his forehead.

While, other blank fired at the back of the house threatening the family, she lamented.

They however, never opened the door, she said.

In the early morning, a team of Mayang Imphal Police came and asked them to open the door, she continued.

The police didn’t allow any of the locals to enter the compound of their family, she said.

The police even threatened to throw in a bomb if the door was not opened, she alleged.

Four males and two other daughters of the family were taken to the Mayang Imphal police station and question, she continued.

The police interrogated them and asked them to bring out the pistols and why Habibur assaulted Latib, even though they had picked him up from his house, Sek Hashina Shah lamented.



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