Approach road to Gas plant blocked


IMPHAL, April 1: As was announced earlier, the Awang Sekmai Nongthonband Youth Club has blocked the approach road to the Sekmai Gas Bottling Plant from today.

The plant is located about one km west from the Imphal-Dimapur Highway at Nongthonband.

The road ever since it was repaired in 2002, has never been repaired.

On a daily basis around 200 trucks carrying gas cylinders including Gas Bullets ply along the one Km long stretch.

Lamenting the deplorable condition of the road, locals echo that during the monsoon, the road becomes a muddy affair and remains covered in dust during other seasons.

The deplorable condition of the road has affected more than the 2000 population of Nongthonband, they decried.

The club had appealed to the concerned authorities including the local MLA, manager of the Bottling Plant, PWD officials among others to repair the said road but to no avail.

As such the president of the club, M Opendro had on March 11 last announced that in case the authority concerned fail to repair the road by March 31, the club with support from the locals will block the road indefinitely from April 1.

The road has been blocked by placing tree trunks, boulders and burning wood affecting gas bullets and cylinder carrying trucks from reaching the bottling plant.


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