Bhutan car rally arrives in state


PIC. for Net, April 9

IMPHAL, April 8: The Bhutan Expedition Caravan 2014 which started on April 6 with 20 delegates reached Imphal on Tuesday and will leave Manipur today.

The Bhutan Expedition was received by the Governor of Manipur Vinod Kumar Duggal at the Raj Bhawan. The delegates arrived in nine cars. The expedition team consist of members were from Thailand, Myanmar, India and Bhutan.

Leader of the Delegation for Bhutan Caravan 2014, Raat Tanvanich lauded the gratitude rendered to the team members. He also said that the expedition will be a memorable one.

Governor of Manipur VK Duggal lauded the team and promised full co-operation from the state.

He further said that he hopes to receive such expedition often as this will improve the trade and commerce of the state and the country, and also will build up relationship among the neighboring countries.


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