BJP answers to Cong salvos


Congress’ level of understanding very shallow: Chaoba

IMPHAL, April 4: The Bharatya Janata Party today released a separate manifesto containing 19 points for the Inner Parliamentary Constituency in a simple function at the party office of Natyapat Chuthek this morning.

Meanwhile, 11 members of the Thangmeiband Municipal Council who had joined the BJP were accorded with a reception ceremony in the today’s function.  

Speaking during the occasion, BJP president Th Chaoba, contended that the Congress party is baffled with BJP’s separate manifesto while reacting to allegations made by chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh and deputy chief minister Gaikhangam that BJP’s separate manifesto was to create a division between hills and valley people.

He continued that contrary to being regarded as a politically matured party by many, the Congress’ level of understanding is very narrow and unable to comprehend the BJP manifesto.  

Suggesting the Congress to go through their manifesto minutely, the BJP president pointed out that it includes key problems of Manipur.

The issues will be taken up one after another after BJP comes to power he said adding that it is shameful for the Congress has failed to include the key issues of Manipur in their national Manifesto, he continued.

The Congress is boasting of confidence of winning the election on the basis of their 42 sitting MLAs in addition to five more MSCP MLAs who recently merged into the party, he said. But they must remember the party’s recent fate in Delhi and Rajasthan, said Th Chaoba.

Even though the Congress continue tall-tales of development and solving issues in the state, the party has failed to provide the basic health care, power supply, drinking water, motorable roads and education, he charged.

BJP’s Inner Constituency candidate, Dr RK Ranjan countering to an allegation made by Dr M Nara against him for indulging in corrupt practice during his tenure as the Registrar in Manipur University, suggested Nara to first understand the meaning of a “Registrar” before making blunt statement.

The manifesto of inner constituency focuses on issues like territorial integrity of the state, assuring to retain the Indo-Myanmar boundary line on the basis of the position existed at the time of merger in 1949, development with social justice, economic development, protection of Human Right, withdrawal of draconian law AFSPA, disturb area act from Manipur etc.


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