BJP will expose Meinya`s misconduct: RK Ranjan


IMPHAL, April 21: The Bharatiya Janata Party, Manipur Pradesh will soon flash the misconducts of the Congress before the people, proclaimed the party inner candidate RK Ranjan today.

The party will be revealing a video clip of INC candidate Dr Th Meinya being present inside the Khongampat 17/7 polling station till the end of voting on April 17, the day the inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency voted to the Election Commission of India soon, he told media persons during a press briefing at the party’s Nityaipat Chuthek office. He said the video clip is enough to reveal the INC’s wrongdoings during the election.

As the two time MP from the constituency, Dr Th Meinya has conducted gross violation of the ECI’s election code of conduct for his own gain, it is high time that his candidature is blacklisted, he said.

Dr Meinya has violated the ECI norms by openly camping around the polling station.

A candidate is allowed to stay in a polling station for a fixed time, he said and added however, the INC has been videotaped sitting at the corridor of 17/7 Khongampat polling station under Lamsang A/C.

Meinya intimidated the election agents of other parties and allowed his workers to cast 42 proxy votes, he claimed.

The next day of the election, the INC conducted a public meeting at the same venue using loud speakers, he said before declaring to produce eye-witnesses and evidence to prove the INC candidate had violated the norms.

Dr RK Ranjan said that the political parties of AITC, CPI and BJP workers were witness that INC candidate was staying in polling station till the EVM and polling personnel were to leave the station. So the all political parties will submit their own view along with the join complaint to ECI very soon, said Dr RK Ranjan.

RK Ranjan further said that concerned with the undemocratic manner, the all political parties of Manipur has convened a joint meeting and discussed the issue.

During the meeting it was decided to prepare a join draft of complaint to be submitted to the ECI against the INC candidate, he continued.

The complaint will be against the total violation of the election code of conduct by Meinya and will further include that the concern BLO of the 17/7 Khongampat polling station had supported the INC candidate and had failed to distribute voters’ slips till the election-day, RK Ranjan continued.

Boby Laishram, BJP Mahila Morcha State secretary also corroborated with RK Ranjan’s claim and further alleged that an active Congress worker identified as Dashumati had cast 42 proxy votes in the presence of Meinya.

She condemned Dashumati for saying at a press conference that there is no room for re-poll at the polling station.

Has the ECI handed over the charge to Dashumati that she is saying there is no room for re-poll, she questioned and further lamented the police personnel guarding the polling station for not allowing her to enter the polling station.

Meanwhile, L Shama Devi who claimed to be an eyewitness said that her vote was casted on proxy by workers of Dr Th Meinya.


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