BJP`s Th Chaoba has two-fork tongue, beware of him: Gaikhangam


IMPHAL, April 6: BJP state president Th Chaoba has a two-fork tongue like a snake. So, people must beware of him and his strategy.

This was stated by MPCC president Gaikhangam in a one-day Langthabal Block Congress Committee meeting for the ensuing 16th LS poll 2014 at Maibam Leikai Langthabal on Sunday.

Gaikhangam said that BJP cheated the people of Manipur. They talked about bringing concrete solutions to the alternative arrangement of the Naga issue in Parliament. On the other hand, BJP is campaigning for maintaining the territorial integrity of Manipur in the valley. BJP speaks two languages like a snake with a two-fork tongue.

He alleged that BJP is indirectly supporting the NPF because they share the opinion of NPF and NSCN-IM. So, we must be alert and stay away from those two-fork tongue leaders.

Expressing amusement at Chaoba’s barbs that Congress leaders are mad with the separate manifestos of the BJP, he said that he preferred to be mad by winning every vote and getting people’s support all the time.

“Congress will win as we have 42 MLAs. All the MLAs are elected by the people, not selected after passing through a civil service interview. It is clear that the Congress is supported by the people and that’s why Congress formed the government for three consecutive terms in the state.”

BJP is trying to bring the ‘one state one religion culture’ in Manipur. Someone is trying to bring the Gujarat model which is all about hatred and killing people. The communist culture is not relevant in our system, he said.

He appealed the people to not waste their valuable votes by giving it to a common candidate of small workerless political parties. Without a starter, no vehicle will reach its destination.

He accused the NPF party of conducting force campaigns at gun points in hill areas. This is totally against ECI’s code of conduct against democracy.

Such gun culture is welcome only in the UNC elections. LS poll is not selection of leaders but an election of leaders by peoples’ constitutional rights. If they have ideas to conduct elections with this culture it is better to not contest the polls.

He claimed that if they believed the Indian constitution and wants to take part in legislative responsibilities. Some seats will be vacated and reserved for them.

Gaikhangam said that ECI has taken a sue-motto cognizance of the speeches of Neiphiu Rio in outer Manipur constituency. He is unable to land in Manipur’s soil now. But the venom he spread is still affecting us, so we need to clean away from the minds of Kukis and Nagas.

The inner candidate of Congress Dr Th Meinya said that UPA-III will return at the centre because UPA-I and II were impressive and the third term looks promising. Congress wanted to fight corruption so UPA-II has passed the Lok Pal Bill and in the state Lok Ayukta Bill. The Congress government is trying to give women empowerment in the law making and law imposing agency which was left pending in the last session of parliament.


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