Christopher DJ inaugurates WWII war museum


IMPHAL, April 4: The Imphal War Museum at Tera Amudon Akham Leikai was inaugurated on Friday by Christopher D Johnson of Norfolk, United Kingdom.

At an interaction while witnessing the war relics at the museum of Second World War by Christopher D Johnson who is the grandson of George Johnson, a veteran soldier in the battle of Kangpokpi on April 7, 1944 expressed that collection of such artefact is wonderful human activity which recalls the past events.

“For the promotion of museum, more funding must be attracted for which a marvellous effort is necessary to make it possible and so many artefacts could be found in the hill areas but the story behind the artefacts is very important”, he said and added that the present collection is a part of world heritage which happened 70 years ago and showed what was going at this place.


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