CM Ibobi lashes at NPF during Heirok campaign


PIC. for Net, April 7Plays the same ‘boundary’ card as other parties

IMPHAL, April 6: Even if the superpowers of the world come, they cannot disintegrate Manipur. There is no forbidding anyone willing to leave the land and go anywhere in the world, however, they cannot take the land along with them, said chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh.

He was addressing an election campaign for Congress candidate of the Outer Parliamentary Constituency Thangso Baite at Heirok Part II Mayai Leikai Ground.

The campaign was organised by Heirok Block Congress Committee.

He said that in every meeting with the central leaders he had always reminded that Manipur cannot be disintegrated.

Manipur can be disintegrated only if a powerful machinery like the bull dozer is used to kill every single person of the state, he asserted.

And just for making such statements, Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio has termed him the ‘No 1 enemy of the Nagas’ Ibobi countered.

He said that it is understood who is backing the Nagaland chief minister.

“As for me, I am living peacefully with every community and I have no enemies,” he asserted.

Ibobi said, NSCN (IM) backed NFP leader Neiphiu Rio who is also the chief minister of Nagaland has mouthing a lot of love for the Nagas of Manipur. He has been speaking for the unity of all Naga tribes, however, Nagas from Manipur are not provided any benefits as bonafide tribes in Nagaland, Ibobi said.

A student from Mao-Maram of Manipur who scored highest in the exam conducted by the Nagaland board was denied to be the topper upholding that he is not from Nagaland, Ibobi continued and asked “Is this the love he has been professing for the Nagas?”

Even if the Nagas of Manipur knew of such kind of discrepancies, they have remained silent due to fear, he asserted.

“However, a democracy has no place for violence.”

The threats of the NSCN (IM) and the NPF will not last long, he asserted.

Let’s answer to the guns with ballot, he appealed.

The NSCN (IM) has been threatening the people that they would have to pay a fine of Rs 10000 if they fail to vote for the NPF candidates, he continued.

A party which have resorted to such dealings need to be taught a lesson, Ibobi observed.

Reiterating his previous stand, he said the seven constituencies of Thoubal and the one in Jiribam should not allow community based NPF and the religion based BJP to rise again, chief minister Ibobi said.

The people of Manipur has been sometimes complaining that the MPs of the state have failed to work for the people, however, people should not forget that the MPs are also part of the government that has been implementing the developmental schemes.

Owing to the size of their respective constituencies, the MPs may be unable to satisfy everyone, however, they play important roles in the developmental schemes of the government, Ibobi told the crowd of supporters.


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