Gratitude – For a Blooming Ema keithel and Spiritual home of Polo event


Dear Editor ,

Words of Gratitude:
For a Blooming Ema keithel and a Blooming spiritual home of polo
Blooming Manipur, an initiative inspired by Britain in Bloom, has been making efforts to encouraged and transformed the land we called our home with some loving and caring gardening acts. We are glad to have had the opportunity in maintaining a community garden at Ema keithel by planting flowers in hanging baskets and indigenous leafy Urum trees at the historic market and trying to transformed the historic market into a blooming pride. We continually seek to encouraged and promote a wider participation in this community gardening initiative especially from the hardworking Ema and ebens and instilled a sense of ownership and transformed it into a Blooming Keithel.

With the hope of encouraging a wider public participation and understanding this historic market, We alongwith the kind activist of Kangla facebook group have organised the small event of community gardening at Ema Keithel and at Heingang Hill /ching , on the 25th o april 2014 .

We are glad that Lady Belinda Morse , one of our strong supporter of Blooming Manipur and author of the book , Calamity and courage – Queen of the Raj ; Sir Jeremy Morse , OBE , former chancellor of Bristol university and director of Bank of England ; Mr RK Nimai , Commisioner , dept of arts and culture , Govt of Manipur ; Mr Nimai Sharma , Chairperson of Imphal Municipal council have attended the day’s event and interacted with the womenfolk and gardening activists.
The team have also planted a few Chingthrao/bauhinia saplings at Heingang hills with the hope of transforming this beautiful and sacred place as the Blooming spiritual home of polo/sagol kangjei. This we believe would allow Heingang hill to occupy a unique place in the world of Polo and also bring about a much needed awareness of the sacred value of this beautiful hillock.
We hope this small events would generate and promote ‘caring and kind’ acts to the land we called our home , which could inspire to execute visible acts of care like gardening in our public spaces and places and transform our land into a Blooming pride and instill that vital sense of belongingness to our people especially the children .

We are grateful to the members of our governmental authorities , the women of the keithel , kind individuals of Heingang and of Heingang Polo Sanctuary and everyone who have participated and extended their help in making a memorable event.

Our sincere words of gratitude especially to the kind journalist and media who have covered the event and the caring activities extensively and shared with their readers and viewers. This we believe would be of immense help in encouraging and generating interest among our kind and caring people to undertake initiatives based on ‘loving where we live’ concepts and lay foundations for a transformed and Blooming land of ours.

We sincerely believe this collective effort with a supportive journalism community that can share and encouraged our people with ‘transforming thoughts and acts’ can bring the changes Manipur needs so much.

Bish Elangbam
Blooming Manipur
Loving where we live


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