Kidnapped students rescued; school stages sit in protest


IMPHAL, April 11: Two class VI students of Success English School, Khurai Salangthong were rescued from the clutches of their masked kidnapper last night around 7.30pm from the Pureiromba area by their parents and friends.

Following the failed attempt to kidnapped two minors, parents, guardians, teaching and non-teaching staff and students of the school staged a sit in protest today in front of the school.

It is believed that the kidnapping attempt could be related to a monetary demand received by the school principal recently.

Speaking to media persons during a sit in protest, S Kethabi Leima said her son Salam Meiraba, 10 of Khurai Salanthong along with a classmate Thingbaijam Mission, 10 son of Tomba was reported missing from the school premises by one of the school’s private security guard, although their bags were found from inside their classrooms around 3.30pm.

Following the report, a search for the two students was launched in the vicinity of the school area, but to no avail, she continued.

The school authorities were also helpless as they had no knowledge of anything, she continued.

She said she along with her husband Birbal rushed to the Porompat Police to file a report and found principal of the school, Thokchom Sunildeva who informed that he has already made the complaint.

The principal also averred his fear that the kidnapping could be related to a monetary demand he had received over the phone on April 9, she said.

Even as they were talking with the principal, the latter received a phone call from the kidnappers saying that the two kids have been left at Lamlong Bazar, the mother said. However, on reaching the spot they couldn’t find the two children, she said.

The mother further continued that she soon received information that the two kids had been seen at Pureiromba Khongnangkhong, following which she called a friend from the area and asked to look out for her son.

On reaching the spot, she said they found the two boys at around 7.30pm.

On asking her son about what happened, he replied that while the two of them were drinking water in the backside of the school some masked men came from behind and caught them.

They put the two students in a Maruti Van and drove away, she said.

Meanwhile, principal Th Sunildeva said some two days back, he had received a phone call from an unknown number from an underground militant group making monetary demand. He further condemned the group for kidnapping the students for money.

Joint Students’ Co-ordination Committee member Ashok Kumar said that they strongly condemn the act of kidnapping innocent students for money and further appealed to all concerned against repeating the act.

He further continued that the student bodies of the state will not tolerate such acts again.


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