Manipur, Maoist claims locking schools


IMPHAL, April 6: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur today divulged that it was responsible for locking down some schools functioning in Imphal during the past few days.

A statement issued by Comrade Nonglen Meitei, secretary Publicity and Propaganda, of the outfit explained the steps was taken following the breach of an agreement by some schools authority which was agreed upon in 2011.

It said altogether 12 schools were locked down on the night of April 4 including Tiny Tots, Little Master and Canchipur Catholic School.

In an attempt to rectify the matter the schools were approached thrice but some totally failed to co-operate disregarding good gesture, it said.

The outfit was left with no choice but to resort to take some steps however strictly adhering to its stand the outfit deemed it fit to use minimum force like hurling of bomb, threats etc, it continued.

If these schools choose to be adamant on their decision the outfit will not hesitate to use force against them, it warned stating that it will not be responsible for any unwanted fall out.

The Maoist further warned the Political Party for defying its political protest imposed since April 4.


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