Mizoram minister unruffled by MAPs intrusion into Manipur village


AIZAWL, April 29 (NNN): Amidst hue and cry over harassment meted out to the Manipur villagers by the personnel of Mizoram Armed Police (MAP), Mizoram Home minister R Lalzirliana said if necessary the government of Mizoram will enter Manipur again to arrest the militants.

When the journalists queried on the recent intrusion into Manipur and operation by Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) at Lungthulien, a Hmar village in southern Manipur, the Mizoram Home Minister said, “The MAP entered and raided the village for sure. And if necessary we are going to enter again and pursue any militant rebelling against the Mizoram government”. “The people of insurgency prone areas have although demonstrated their resentment and issued a statement against the intrusion, we are to proceed with further operation if the situation demands so”, the Mizoram Home minister added.

Zoremawia, DIG of Mizoram when clarifying the query that intrusion of MAP into neighbouring state Manipur was lawfully justified and said in India according to law, if a group of rebels or militants disturb the order of peace and are found rebelling against a state, the government has legally the right to pursue them under ‘hot operation’. “The Mizoram police launched an operation at Lungthulien based on hot operation”, the Mizoram police officer said.

Earlier, the Village Authority U  nion of Tipaimukh sub-division, Churachandpur, Manipur had condemned the dastardly acts of personnel of Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) against the innocent villagers of Parvachawm and Lungthulien on two occasions this year.

The Union alleged that Mizoram police personnel, along with arms and ammunition raided Parvachawm village earlier this year on February 19, heinously checked into houses of innocent civilians including the house of the village Chief Malsawm during the wee hours breaking doors and windows, and damaging rice and other household commodities. A good number of innocent villagers were also assaulted and left seriously injured by the Mizoram Police, the release alleged.

The second raid took place when a group of fully armed Mizoram Police personnel crossed over Manipur border unauthorized and entered Lungthulien village, 10 km away from the Parbung sub-divisional headquarter during the wee hours of April 22, the Union alleged. The house of Ralkapthuom, Chairman of the Village Authority was raided by the Mizoram personnel.

The Union further alleged, as no persons were staying in the house during the night, the lock was broken from outside and the Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) personnel intruded into the house and damaged household articles including wooden boxes and stole money amounting to  Rs. 3,555 claimed to be a church fund. Not only this, one Lalpiengruol s/o Lalsiem Sanate, an innocent villager, was forced to take them back to Mizoram by his mini truck and after beating him up badly was later released. Lalpiengruol is said to be undergoing medical treatment as he was badly injured.

The VA Union termed the illegal raiding of the Tipaimukh villages as serious infringement of the law of the land and while condemning the dastardly acts of the MAP personnel in strongest terms, urged the Manipur Government to take necessary steps to stop such illegal intrusions from across the State in the future.


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