MPs from Manipur are inactive in Parliament, says Gurudas Dasgupta

Communist Party of India leader Gurudas Dasgupta lighting the inaugural lamp while Dr Nara looks on.
Communist Party of India leader Gurudas Dasgupta lighting the inaugural lamp while Dr Nara looks on.

IMPHAL, April 10: The Communist Party of India, CPI today joined the long list of political parties who have criticised the two sitting MPs of the state, with Gurudas Dasgupta asserting that MPs from the state have been inactive during Parliament sessions.

Political parties including the Trinamool Congress and the BJP have been charging the Congress MPs of being incompetent. CPI national leader and MP Gurudas Dasgupta told an election campaign at Challou today that no MP from the state has ever raised an issue of the state in the Parliament.

“I have been a MP for 25 years, and during all this years, I have never witnessed any MP from the state raised any issue of the state,” Gurudas Dasgupta observed. He was addressing the election campaign at the Irawat Park, Challou organised by the CPI, Lamlai Local Council.

CPI candidate for the inner constituency, Dr Nara, charged Congress workers of distributing Rs 100 notes to voters openly at the Wangjing area during voting for the Outer seat, yesterday.

Gurudas Dasgupta said the mass influx of outsiders into the state is one reason for unemployment of educated youths in the state. This issue needs to be raised in the Parliament, he observed.

The CPI can understand the people’s demand and support all the demands including repeal of AFSPA, corruption, etc, he observed.

All sections of the country need to join hands to fight unitedly to solve the issues, he said.

Under the Congress, the country has seen inflation, price hike of all essential commodities including rice, dal etc, he said. Manipur has no big industry, not enough school, and no employment opportunity for the educated youth, he asserted.

Gurudas Dasgupta further appealed to the people to choose their candidates carefully.

The BJP has spent more than Rs 10000 crore to the corporate media just to popularise the image of the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, he said. BJP will pollute the politics of Manipur and bring up communal issues, he said.

For the development of the people, there is a need of a new policy in India, he asserted.

Charging that the Congress workers were distributing money to voters at Wangjing area, Nara said the act is not just unfortunate but also violates the election code of conduct which all sections of the society should condemn.

The Congress has been claiming that the party will be winning at both the constituencies, because it has 42 MLAs in the state Assembly, he said. However, the fact that the party had just welcomed five MSCP MLAs into its fold indicates that it is afraid, Nara said.

People have started looking at a candidate’s personality and not at his or her party affiliation, Nara said.

Exuding his confidence of winning the election, he said people are today shouting that they will vote for Nara.


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