Nemesis for diabolic misdeeds of Congress


Nemesis for diabolic misdeeds of Congress


With or without mandate the Congress has ruled the nation by default for quite a long time. Because of the high integrity and honestly inherited from the Congress leaders of pre-independence era the present Congress leaders were so elated that they had started working as if they were the megalomaniacs. They had overlooked the interest for common people and started working for their own interest. Wittingly or unwittingly they had committed a series of high profile scams viz CWG, 2G-Spectrum, Coalgate, Railgate etc. Even the CBI had been coded to function as a congress bureau of investigation. Ultimately the Supreme Court had to interfere and said “CBI is the caged parrot” and given directives for setting it free. Also in the recent past the hypocrisy of discredited congress leadership has been graphically exposed by print and electronic media. At the same time because of independent free press unwanted price rise, high corruption, poor governance, compromise at border issue has come to the public domain just before the so called semi-finale of 2014- PE (parliamentary election). Then as a natural consequence congress has been defeated completely in the Assembly election of Delhi, Rajashthan, Madhyapradesh and Satishgard. This is nothing but the nemesis for the diabolic misdeeds of congress led UPA Govt.

Yesterday the finale 2014-PE has been started. The writings on the walls are crystal clear that the congress led UPA govt has no probability to come back after 16th May 2014. Now facing its unavoidable evil fortune congress is rather confused and nervous. As per Indian psephologists congress is a sinking boat today. Many senior sitting MPs like Mr. P. Chidambaram, Mr. Manish Tiwary, Mr. Jitendra Malik etc have refused to contest. Many other leaders like Mr. Bhagirath Prasad, Mr. Rao Inderjeet etc have deserted congress and are contesting on BJP tickets. Also there are congress candidate like Mr. Ramesh Chand Tomar (Goutam Budh Nagar constituency,UP) who has deserted congress after passing the scrutiny and has joined BJP. Now the unexpressed reality is that many senior leaders no longer have faith in Rahul Gandhi’s leadership. General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi has advocated for Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Badhra to take the reign of INC. But the high command has kept his proposal in deep freeze saying it is good but the timing is wrong. Mr. Rahul’s inconsistency is also one of the main factors of decaying the party. With respect to the Adarsh scam Rahul had said that tented leaders including Mr. Ashok Chavan would not be excused. However corrupted leaders like Mr. Ashok Chavan, Mr. Pawan Kumar Bansal etc have been given the party tickets. In addition to the inconsistency he keeps on changing his stand on many important national issues. It seems he is utterly confused.

Congress is anti-people in Manipur. Having annexed Manipur under duress Congress has always been treating Manipur as a colony. The first Congress PM Jawaharlal Nehru had given the Kabo Valley to Myanmar (Then Burma) bypassing the Manipur leaders. With the knowledge of the congress high command, Local Congress leaders viz Mr.Rishang Keishing, Mr.Gaikhangam, Mr. Ngajokpa and many other leaders had unsuccessfully tried to disintegrate Manipur. During the present congress regime a large portion of Manipur has been lost to Myanmar. World famous record of two month old economic blockade took place in Manipur. Jungle Raj is prevailing in Manipur without any development programs. State as well as Central govts have refused to recognize Irom Sharmila who is one fast-unto-death to get the inhuman AFSPA-58 removed. However CM O.Ibobi had secretly tried to coax the Iron Lady to give up the fast and join the Congress to fight politically to get the act repealed from Manipur. The Iron Lady had taken a good decision by rejecting the CM’s sinister offer. Mr. O.Ibobi, with a very low integrity and honesty, has made a hollow claim that even if a super power tries to disintegrate Manipur it would not be possible. He is better to come out of his well and realize how the Telengana State had been created in spite of the huge protest spearheaded by the then CM Kiran Kumar Reddy in tandem with other political leaders and lakhs of Telugu population. Does our CM have the guts to protest against his decision of his so-called high command (Madam Soniaji)? No, he can’t. He is simply howling to get the vote for the incompetent Congress candidates who have apologized to their respective voters for they could not implement pro-people schemes. The same lethargic inactive candidates have begged the public to elect them again so that they would be able to accomplish the good job they could not do earlier. They have admitted themselves to be failure representatives of the people. So why should we give them another chance? Under the prevailing political scenario if we all vote for BJP candidates it will surely enhance the prospect of modeling a resurgent Manipur. Congress MLA O. Landhoni has also appealed not to vote for candidates of potentially unviable political parties. At present Congress is a sinking boat. The so-called Third Front has already been decimated before being realized and the AAP has imploded due to their internal problems. And unfortunately AAP founder leaders Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav have been attacked every now and then in full public view. Unfortunately today also after being garlanded Mr. Kejriwal has been slapped by an auto driver in south Delhi. Hence keeping in view the nationwide popular BJP wave, we all should vote for BJP candidate Prof. Gangumei Kamei on 09.04.14 & for Dr. R.K. Ranjan on 17.04.14 respectively.

Sumatibala Ningthoujam


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