NPF comes out strongly against Cong


IMPHAL, April 3: The Naga People`s Front (NPF) has diminished the Congress party for not having a clear policy on ways to transform conflicts in the North Eastern Region.

A statement issued by media and publicity wing NPF, Manipur State Unit, said that NPF felt very unfortunate for Rahul Gandhi, vice president and chairman of Election Campaign Committee of Indian National Congress as his statement in Kohima on 27 March, 2014  that, “he will put in all his efforts to resolve the Naga political issue”, (though it was a repeated false  promises of the Congress party to the Nagas) has been contradicted by none other than Gaikhangam`s  statement on March 2 at Sagolband Thingom Leikai Community Hall during election meeting of Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency against Nagaland CM, Neiphiu Rio.

It opined that Gaikhangam has contradicted Rahul Gandhi`s statement in so far as Gaikhangam`s blind statement has gone against the initiative of Neiphiu Rio for bringing Political solution and peace to all the problems of the people of North Eastern Region including the Naga issue.

“It is laughable that Congress party does not have a clear policy on ways to transform conflicts in the North Eastern Region as it is clear from the above statements of the two Congress leaders”.

It suggested that Gaikhangam should learn to appreciate Neiphiu Rio for having initiated steps for “Unity”, “Emotional Integration”, and for “Political Solution” of not only the Nagas but also of all the people in the North Eastern region.

The NPF further posed, why Gaikhangam was saddened when Neiphiu Rio talks about suppression of tribals, minorities and others by the Manipur Government in which he is the Dy. CM.

“We know that Gaikhangam and O. Ibobi Singh are already red-faced before the people of Manipur because Neiphiu Rio, CM of Nagaland, is capable of telling the truth about the pathetic living conditions of the people living in the hill areas which the NPF alleged due to misrule of Congress party in Manipur”.

There is no communal harmony and economic development due to political instability and mismanagement of the social and political system in Manipur, further contended the NPF.

Congress leaders should have been ashamed of by now for its rampant corruption, seams, price rise and many more problems including continued application of AFSPA in North East Region and Jarnmu and Kashmir, it held.

Illuminating that it is of paramount importance that Gaikhangam should not forget that, long before he and Manipur Government were born, Nagas/tribal as a people were already there where they are now, it held that they (Nagas) will still be there where they are now.

“It would have been much wiser on the part of Gaikhangam had he been able to remember the origination of his ancestors instead of shedding Crocodile`s Tears on various issues. No one has any moral authority to stop NPF from striving to achieve peace, good governance, development and prosperity for all section of the people in the North East Region”.

It further advised some political party leaders of Manipur to be more constitutional and pragmatic.


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