Only Cong has potential to bring grassroot level development: Thangsho Baite


KANGPOKPI, April 7: I am the 15th Member of Parliament from the state and everyone knows the characters of all the MPs. I cannot bring development and changes all alone but with coordinating with the state Govt. as well as the people we can develop and bring positive changes.

This was stated by INC candidate for the II-Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency Thangso Baite on Monday at a public meeting held at Brig. Thomas Ground, Kangpokpi.

Delivering his last campaign speech at the meeting attended by huge masses, Thangso Baite asserted that no political party except Congress have the potential and attitude to bring grass root level development in the state as well as stable governance while adding that Congress is the only political party which could bring emotional integrity as well as communal harmony in the state.

While welcoming the MSCP MLAs who are recently merged with the Indian National Congress, the sitting MP said that the five MSCP MLAs are taking the right decision in joining the national mainstream while adding that the merger signifies stability and commitment, effectiveness and faithfulness of the congress party in the state as well as in the centre.

While cautioning congregate against the communal politics of various political party in the state, Thangso Baite pointed out that there might be a hidden agenda behind Neiphiu Rio contesting the 16th Lok Sabha election while leaving CM seat before adding that the people should exercise their political rights and vote for their security, development, sustainability, peace and tranquillity as well as communal harmony.

While reminding the general public regarding the failure of BJP Govt. during their governance in the Centre, Thangso pointed out that when BJP was in power in the centre, there was shortage of salary for the Govt. employees and the people of Manipur faced tremendous hardships in various field but with the coming of Congress party in power in the centre, there has been lots of changes and development.

He further continued that the flagship programme of UPA Govt. which reached every household of the country like MGNREGA is nowhere found in the world, asserted Thangso and added that such massive programme for the people is the programme of non other political party than Congress.

Speaking at the function, Thangso also said that people are selling their vote for a meagre price by totally degrading the value of their valuable political rights and continued that whoever votes for congress will never repent in future.

While urging the people to vote for Congress, Thangso lamented that assembly segments of the outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency is now dominated by Congress party which truly pointed out that Congress though condemned and criticized by many have concerned and worked for the betterment of the people with more faithfully, effectively and sincerely.

Keeping in mind the stability of governance and sincerity of the Congress, Thangso urged everyone to press the button of the congress symbol in the EVM on April 9 for better governance, grass root level development, communal harmony, peace and tranquillity in the state.

While speaking at the function, Ngamthang Haokip, IFC Minister, Govt. of Manipur said confidently that both the Congress party candidates in Outer and Inner Parliamentary Constituency will win with a remarkable margin in the poll.

You live and survive with your hand, do good deeds with your hands, eat food with your hand and carry out all activities with your hands so vote for it remarked, Nemcha Kipgen, MLA Kangpokpi AC before adding that shouting a slogan with the general public “Soniaji-Jindabat”, “Rahulji-Jindabat”, Ibobiji-Jindabat”, “Gaikhangamji-Jindabat”, “Thangsoji-Jindabat”, and “Congress Party-Jindabat”.

“We come here to ensure that you vote for the Congress” said Francis Ngajokpa, Rural Development Minister before adding that keep your faith with us while keeping your promises. We will see who keeps the promise in reality.

MGNREGS for Nepali community and VDC problems of tribal chiefs will be solved positively assured RD Minister while adding that Congress will never hurt public sentiment.

RK Imo, MLA Sagolband AC; Paonan Brojen, MLA Wangjin Tentha AC; Haokholal Hangshing, Chairman ADC Sadar Hills; M Priyomala, ex-president Mahila State Congress and Thangkam Misao, president DCC Sadar Hills also spoke during the function.

EMs, MDCs, various village chiefs, party leaders, district Mahila, Youth wings, various CSOs also attended the function.


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