Sadar Hills women vow support for Kim Gangte


KANGPOKPI, April 2: “I have joined politics not to live life luxuriously staying in the national capital or abroad and carry out things only by lip but the truth behind my career in politics is the pain and suffering that tribal people in the entire country and in the North eastern states particularly Manipur,” asserted Kim Gangte, Trinamool Congress candidate for the Outer Lok Sabha seat.

Kim Gangte was addressing a public meeting held today at Keithelmanbi Upper playground organized for the Trinamool Congress candidate attended by various civil societies particularly women wings within Sadar Hills.

“I am not addicted to election politics but I am truly addicted to pure politics which concerned public welfare as a whole”, pointed Kim Gangte before adding that I am struggling only for the cause of the people.

Where is the MP fund for five years amounting to Rs.25 crores questioned Gangte while adding that without explaining much the people itself now came to know that what is done and how far the Congress government has concerned for the people.

Gangte further continued that there are many policies of the Congress government which is a threat to its denizen itself.

“AFSPA 1958 is one good example of it.”

If Trinamool Congress comes to power AFSPA will be totally repealed from Manipur and Inner Line Permit will be implemented from the grassroot, assured Gangte before adding that understanding power is the best tool for better changes.

“I am ready and fully prepared to address the grievances of the people in Parliament without fear if I am elected averred the ex-MP while seeking support today.

Encouraging the womenfolk of Sadar Hills, Kim Gangte said that the upcoming Lok Sabha election is a significant opportunity for the womenfolk to fight and exercise their own rights while adding that positive changes and development is the goal of Trinamool Congress.

Various civil organization leaders from different communities, social workers, party leaders as well as church leaders also spoke in support of the lone woman candidate for the Outer Manipur PC.

Party leaders and dignitaries, Sadar Hills Women Union, Mahila Trinamool Congress Committee Sadar Hills, Kuki Students’ Organization, Kalapahar Mahila Women Wings, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization, KMC Women Association also attended the meeting apart from the general public.

In the meantime womenfolk in Sadar Hills today declared to support and vote for Kim Gangte claiming that she is the only leader who can fight for the people in the Parliament.

The women congregate at the meeting also vowed to execute and contribute the best effort for the success of the lone woman candidate.

While seeking the valuable support from the general public the womenfolk urges particularly the youths and menfolk within Sadar Hills to vote for Kim Gangte and to join hands to give her a solid platform to bring satisfactory performance in the Parliament for the welfare of the people.


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