`Traffic Drive` back to square one


IMPHAL, April 1: Like most other initiatives taken up by the authorities in the state, the drive against double parking in Paona Bazar and Thangal Bazar have also fizzled out just a couple of days after it was launched.

The drive conducted jointly by the State police and Traffic police seem to have met a premature end, with double parking once again clogging the already congested roads.

The drive was launched on March 25 by the combined team of Imphal West police and traffic Police introducing a clamp known as the Denver Bolt to check double parking under a special instruction from the Imphal West SP Dr Ak Jhaljit.

A week later, double parking witnessed along the roads is once again clogging the roads.

The first day of the drive witnessed a couple of MPS officers on probation along with a few unarmed traffic personnel carrying out checking of vehicles along the busy Paona and Thangal Bazaars roads.

Now, not a single police or traffic personnel is seen conducting the drive or checking double parking.

A week later all that remains along the roads are the IMC engaged ticket collectors who have no qualms over vehicles double parking along the narrow bazar roads.

A passerby told this IFP reporter that during the first few days, there was free flow of traffic along the bazar roads as people were aware of the special drive and feared that their vehicles could be clamped and fined if found double parking and had stopped double parking.

However, much to the dismay of the people, the police stopped their drive just two three days after, a companion of the passer-by asserted.

This encouraged the vehicle owners to once again practice double parking and clogging the free flow of traffic, he added.

Another passer-by also expressed her desire to see the fruitful conduct of the drive.


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