Water scarcity evokes public tension at Moirang & Mayang Langjing


IMPHAL, April 21: With the state experiencing the driest April and mercury rising at a record high, people in some part have started to feel the pinch.

Against this backdrop, Police today defuse tension in different part of the state which erupted due to drinking water related issues.

In the first incident a brief scuffle broke out between locals of Ngariambam Kwakshiphai under Lamsang Police station Imphal district over the issue of dismantling an earth dam at the area. On the other hand, locals of Tronglaobi area took to the street protesting against inappropriate distribution of water, however the tensions were defused by the police.

According to reports, on April 14, five local fishermen reportedly dismantled an earth dam which is the main source of Water supply scheme of Ngariambam Kwakshiphai. The dismantling has adversely affected the people, with the water source drying up the water supply could not generate enough water and as a result cutting off the water supply.

It has been informed that the water supply has been functioning for about 20 years supplying drinking water not only to Ngariambam but also surrounding area of Akham and Mayang Langjing etc.

The fishermen did not pay any heed to the warning of people but continued with their activities till later in the evening said the sources adding that they also used two heavy duty water pumps to drain out water from the barrier (earth dam constructed along the Singda River stretch).

The matter was reported to the police owing to which the individuals along with their equipment were taken into custody by the police.

However, today the locals found out that the individuals have collected their pumps angry locals stormed their houses and got physical assault with the individuals.

Later the tension was pacified by the police as both the parties have signed an understanding in the presence of the police.

Meanwhile, an incident at Tronglaobi took place following the proposed plan of the Moirang water supply scheme to divert another pipeline for Moirang area.

In protest against the proposed plan the locals of the areas dug the pipeline and disconnected it. At the same time, today the protestors block road to mark their protest.

In an attempt to disperse the protestors, police fired tear gas shell, mock bomb but no one was injured in the process.

Local sources said that the water supply scheme has been providing Kwakta, Tera Khongsangbi, Kwakta, Leimaram, Khudekpi, Tronglaobi etc. The water was supplied through canal system.

Suddenly, the Moirang Water Supply plant with an intention to divert water to Moirang area laid a pipeline.

The protestors are of the view that the proposed plan was not the right time as it was lean season. They feared that with the water sources depleting fast the diversion could give hard time for water.

Later a meeting between the authority and the protestors was held wherein an understanding was reached.

The protestors decided to call off their protest with the assurance from the authority that they proposed diversion of water to Moirang will be initiated only during wet season.


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