Will not interfere in LS polls: NSCN (K)


IMPHAL, April 7: The NSCN-K/GPRN Zeliangrong region has notified that it will not get involved or interfere in the ensuing 16th parliamentary constituency election.

A statement issued by KD Gangmei, secretary information and publicity in-charge, urged the people to conduct free and fair election and not to create disunity.

It appealed the voters to think thoroughly before casting their valuable vote, and to consider who can bring peace, co-existence and social harmony, equal development to the indigent people and earn the empathy of the people.

Meanwhile, the statement further clarified that James Liangmei son of Rizinbao resident of Ireng village, sub-division Tamei Tamenglong district, was not authorised, endorsed by the outfit’s finance department to collect, demand any types of taxes or donation in any inhabited areas.

It asserted that any contractors, traders, donors or department officials who accept or entertained any demand served by James, will be their own responsibility.


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