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Zou celebrates Patriots day

LAMKA, April 23: The 95th Zogal Day, patriots’ day of the Zou community was held at the Zoveng today.

A select media group attended the function.

It was said that the United Zou Organisation had taken a resolution during its last sitting that the day should be held on April 23 along with the Khongjom Day.

Clarifying on the day being co-incidental with the Khongjom Day, the elders of the community said that prior to 1915, the Zou community did not use the Gregorian calendar and as such the observation may not be just a mere coincidental.

“We are considered outsiders by other communities, but we are no less than them and are integral part and indigenous people of the present day Manipur state,” said K Zou.

He said that as the people of the valley, especially the Meiteis fought the British aggression, the Zomi-Chin-Kuki groups also fought with the British in areas spreading to the present day India and Myanmar.

Elders also said that in the past the day was observed after the harvesting of paddy fields, and was usually performed for a day to please the spirits with the sacrificial offering of three Mithuns and mud replicas of Rs 30.

The day long observation was followed by a night long merry making that lasted till the cultivation period begins again, they said.

Today’s observation was organised by the Zou Sung Siamphatna Saipawl which literally means “peace initiative group of the Zou community” the organisers said that the commemoration of the Zogal day, will include a traditional night program to pay abeyance to the leaders who resisted the British for the freedom of their community.

An elder Paneh said that the day was actually observed on March 17, till last year but was changed to April 23 as per by the UZO present day leadership.



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